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American Management Systems Corporate Web Sites

Role: Technical Web Manager & Web UI Developer

The American Management Systems corporate Web site served over 5000 static pages before being converted in 2002 to Documentum, an enterprise level Content Management System. In 2002, AMS had approximately 6300 employees, 986 million in revenue and 21 million in income and 51 offices worldwide. AMS.com was home to over a dozen sub sites, both internal and external.

Description of Responsibilities

Initially I served as a Web Developer handling HTML, ASP & ASP.net, SQL, JavaScript, XML, and XSL.

After attending Documentum Web Publisher training courses and further learning the system, I transitioned to the role of Technical Web Manager.

This required

  1. Content Management System Technical Support
  2. Developing and implementing short and long-term goals, objectives, policies and procedures for the Web Sites.
  3. Coordinating the work of a Web team comprised of staff responsible for visual design; content; Web server, security, and hardware maintenance; Web training; and Web support services.
  4. Coordinating and tracking work flow, schedules, projects and committee decisions. Maintaining required records, backups, and statistics reports.
  5. Coordinating all aspects of the production and maintenance of the Web site.
  6. Researching, purchasing, and maintaining shared resources and web tools (such as CGI scripts).
  7. Assisting departments and administrative units in interpreting and adhering to standards.
  8. Supervising assigned personnel by providing orientation, guidance, assistance and training as required.
  9. And finally, Assisting departments and administrative units in managing the transition to CGI after AMS was acquired.
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