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AMS.com Interface Interim Redesign

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Role: Web UI Developer

Internal project for the AMS Corporate Communications (CMC) department. Redesign the AMS.com website using an "interim" design in anticipation of the final Branding Initiative. Incorporate a Flash animation based on the new advertising campaign.

Description of Responsibilities

  1. Develop JavaScript for a CSS/DHTML, non-image based solution for the "popup" navigation menus. Needs to be cross browser but rollover effects could be IE only while keeping download size for entire page below the CMC standard maximum.
  2. Develop JavaScript/Cookie solution to handle Flash detection and intro animation skipping.
  3. Modify AMS.com homepage HTML to minimize download time.
  4. Document JavaScript and CSS code.
  5. Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.5 Compatibility
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