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Integrated Bill Consolidator

AMS eBilling Software

Role: Web User Interface Developer

Internal project for the AMS eBilling practice. The Integrated Bill Consolidator (IBC) application provides the baseline user interface for full-function bill presentment and payment over the Internet.  The IBC Interface allows users to view bill summary information from multiple billers all in one place. Through IBC, users can personalize their own experience on the site, as well as configure its behavior.

Description of Responsibilities

Work within extreme budget constraints at high speed.

Modify JSP interface pages directly to:

  1. Correct visual anomalies
  2. Correct HTML syntax errors
  3. Ensure consistency in design/layout of pages
  4. Debug CSS errors
  5. Compatibility check interface design between 3 browsers: IE 5.5, Netscape 4.6, Netscape 6.
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