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PennDOT Driver & Vehicle Services

State of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Role: Web User Interface Developer

External project for the AMS State and Local Solutions (SLS) practice. AMS was contracted to convert the site's existing ASP pages and backend to JSP to implement an online transaction solution. Although out of scope, the team was also able to deliver a revised interface designed by Corporate Marketing and Communications as well as update and enhance the existing content structure.

Description of Responsibilities

  1. Port all existing informational pages from the current Driver & Vehicle Services website and create new static pages as needed. This project required maintaining cross browser compatibility.
  2. All software should be delivered on schedule and developed to meet client expectations.  Client software expectations include, but are not limited to: cross-browser compatibility, ADA compliance, clearly commented code, and standard templates and layout.
  3. Document all code in a manner such that it can be interpreted, maintained, and enhanced by others.
  4. Correct software defects identified through unit testing efforts so errors do not resurface during system test.

In addition, I also adopted the role of liaison between the Corporate Communications, Business, and Development teams. Back then, the concept of Web User Interface Developer niche had not yet taken hold so describing what I did was often a challenge.


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