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State of Texas Assistance Referral System

Role: Web UI Development Team Lead

This was a 5 million dollar project for the State of Texas Health and Human Services. The goal of this project was to build a website that enables Texas residents to easily find out what assistance and referral programs they are eligible for. Requirements include: ADA compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act), bilingual presentation in English and Spanish, as well as browser independence and testing on five browsers. Also, the interface must be accessible by those with little to no computer experience as well as those who can quickly fill out more complex web forms, including Texas Dept. of Human Services workers. This effectively required the development of two web sites, an ADA version and an Enhanced version dubbed ES.

Description of Responsibilities

High-speed resolution of problems was a requirement in light of extremely tight deadlines.

  1. Lead Consultant for ADA site Browser Independence: Train and track a team of developers to quickly repair existing compatibility problems as they are encountered in developer team-wide multi-browser unit tests.
  2. Team Lead for ADA and ES Interface (UI) System Test Repairs: Manage and distribute extensive UI bug repairs over all system test phases. Train a team of Java/JSP developers to help handle bug fixes.
  3. Team Lead for post production UI Enhancements
  4. Pre-assignment consultation: Help determine which browsers to test to achieve the broadest compatibility.
  5. ES site interface HTML development: Convert HTML mockups to browser independent CSS based JSP source pages.
  6. Assist with JavaScript development. Assist with creation and integration of required DHTML components into JSP.

You can see the Press Release here.

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