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CRKMO – The Idea Shop

Role: Web User Interface Developer

CRKMO was an external project for the Canadian Government. The client desired a very complex visual language, which they could not articulate in the form of requirements, adding a layer of client management and mentoring to the process.

The scope and complexity of this site had resulted in the termination of the services of a Canadian design firm which was unable to provide the client with acceptable interpretations.

Description of Responsibilities

I worked with both the AMS team and the client. Through written and verbal interactions, I was able help the client explain their goals and through multiple iterations, arrive at visual solutions that met their expectations. The scope and complexity of this site necessitated extensive use of 3-D Studio, Flash and Macromedia Dreamweaver to create the interface. This required a number of creative and technically challenging solutions, and continuous management of client expectations.

I not only learned to fuse 3D Studio graphics with Flash, but completed the designs to the client's satisfaction in only five weeks, where the design firm had failed in six months, using a team of designers.
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