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Gaby's Farm

Gourmet Tropical Fruit Ice Cream and Sorbets

Role: Brand Manager, Web User Interface Developer and Designer

Gaby’s Farm is a maker of Gourmet Tropical Fruit Ice Cream and Sorbets located in South Florida. This startup company required a complete Branding creation from top to bottom. The unique product, a high end blend of exotic fruit and all natural ingredients, required a distinctive approach.

Description of Responsibilities

I worked in numerous capacities with this company. The small size allowed me to work in a multitude of different areas on a regular basis. Working with the State of Florida’s Agricultural Promotional Campaign, I developed a complete set of all branding materials. I also functioned in a business management capacity. My contributions included:

I even wrote a grant proposal which resulted in the US Department of Agriculture awarding Gaby’s Farm a $75,000 grant as well as winning several other grants to offset the cost of package printing.

You can see the live site here.

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