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eBilling Insurance Demo


Role: Web User Interface Developer

Internal project for the AMS Insurance practice. The goal of this project is to build a demo for business development. The demo is focused on providing a brief (15 minute) presentation of the web based eBilling services solution AMS could provide insurance or other similar companies.

Description of Responsibilities

Work within extreme budget constraints at high speed.

  1. Help set up the team with the HTML access control system built into Macromedia Dreamweaver.
  2. Working from pure wire frames done in PowerPoint, create an attractive "Look and Feel" for the demo.
  3. Convert the design to an HTML Template usable by anyone on the team.
  4. Work with the team to enable them to easily be able to edit the pages and add basic content. This allowed the business team to work simultaneously with the designer.
  5. Go over all pages to ensure that they look good and are consistent in visual layout.
  6. Internet Explorer 5 Compatibility allowed for special CSS effects, keeping the site simple in construction, small in file size yet still looking modern and visually appealing.
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