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The Miami Herald Media Company

Family of Media Websites

Role: Web Developer

The Miami Herald maintains several sites for news and entertainment. A subsidiary of The McClatchy Company, the main news sites, MiamiHerald.com and ElNuevoHerald.com, are managed using a proprietary CMS. Miami.com, the entertainment site, is run on Drupal.

During my time there, the family of sites had monthly unique visitor totals in the millions and page views in the tens of millions. In an era of flagging newspaper readership, the online department successfully and consistently grew visitors. Through partnerships with small neighborhood papers, MiamiHerald.com engages the community and allows small voices to have a big reach.

Description of Responsibilities

Starting in 2008, as part of a small Web development team, I participated in development and maintenance on all sites. This included implementation of core features, enhancements, CMS upgrades, and maintenance of existing code. Additionally, I participated in design discussions regarding Web site enhancements, redesigns, and in-house iOS applications.

Most enjoyable, I worked on the Drupal 4 and 5 implementations of Miami.com, coming on board to assist in the deployment of the site to beta and eventually final. I developed a highly customized implementation of a jQuery photo gallery plugin. For all sites, I was responsible for both front-end and back-end development in several languages.

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