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The following are some examples of documents I wrote many moons ago. With the steady changes inWeb tech, their content has fallen out of date. They do offer, however, a glimpse into some of the things I've had to work on and some of the hurdles I helped developers overcome in the Dot Com years.

Please note that any technical tips are outdated. I strongly suggest you do not follow any HTML formatting advice. With that warning, these files are in PDF format and will open in a new window. They require a PDF Reader to view them.

Website Interface HTML Development Workflow: How to Streamline Web Interface Design for Developers and Designers

August, 2000 - This document was written to help new Web Application programmers integrate effectively into the Web production process. With their background in traditional programming, they frequently had little to no HTML experience. In turn, when they would try and convert the Web designer’s mockups and templates into JSP and ASP pages, layouts would often break. Without the need for a compiler, their code was frequently plagued by simple errors that browsers would sometimes ignore, and sometimes refuse to display.

AMS.com Section 508 Analysis: Repairs Based on JAWS Screen Reader Testing Results

December, 2002 - This is a report on the observations and changes made after an analysis of the AMS.com Web site with the IBM JAWS Screen Reader.

Site Development Testing Suggestions: Basics to Testing Web Interfaces

April, 2002 - This high level document was written to help my team’s developers begin to understand the increasingly frustrating issue of Browser Compatibility. The project called for stringent compatibility standards and I was tasked with overseeing the process and educating the developers on how to address the issues we were facing.

Cascading Style Sheets: Basics Benefits & Information

December, 2000 - This document was written to quickly educate traditional programmers on some basic benefits of CSS as well as to provide some caution for its potential misuse.

CMC 2005 eMail

This is a simple email announcement for the AMS 19th annual Credit Management Conference.

NGE/Digital Dashboard Interface Modifications & Editing Guide

2/2/2001 - This is a technical guide to help get Web Developers up to speed on the formatting capabilities of the Microsoft Next Generation Enterprise Digital Dashboard. This product was the precursor to Microsoft SharePoint.



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